"I know that healing her gut would have assisted in this result."

“Livvy had a nut challenge in hospital on Tuesday with almonds which she was previously allergic to. She was so scared to eat the first almond but she passed with flying colours eating 8 almonds on the day. She now eats almonds daily. I know that healing her gut would have assisted in this result. Thank you Sharon, we are very grateful to you.”

Lisa Carna-Perre
Testimonials - Lisa Carna-Perre

"This journey has literally changed our lives!"

I’ve noticed a big change in myself and my family. More energy, less anxiety, rarely getting sick even through the winter months, weight loss for myself (yay!!!) and most importantly, my son with multiple food allergies has reduced his allergic responses to walnut, pecan and kiwi and is now able to eat avocados! The kids are less picky with their food, they are more energetic and all of my children look so much healthier! My hair is thicker and longer than ever and myself and my daughter have clearer and brighter skin too! I have learned so much from Sharon and her panel of experts and am forever grateful for this this program!”

Leyla Biondini
AFC Testimonials_Testimonials - Leyla Biondini

"Thank you Sharon for sharing your knowledge"

My 2year old daughter has eczema and from changing a few things in her diet, 10 days in and I’ve seen significant changes already! I had been battling for months trying to figure out what was triggering it but now we know! Thank you Sharon for sharing your knowledge, not only for us as a family but for the future generations to come.”

Stacie Begovich
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"The course is amazing!"

Raising Kids with Allergies is not just a course for the kids! It is a course that has changed our families way of living forever! Each module leaves you questioning, why didn’t I know this sooner! Sharon’s cookbook is full of delicious gut healing foods that I now turn to on a regular basis. Sharon you are amazing! The speakers are amazing! The course is amazing! My families health is now on track to becoming amazing! Thank you x

Anita Cronin
Testimonials - Anita Cronin

"You have given us a new lease on life Sharon."

“Your encouragement has meant a lot and helped many of us including me get through some tough times when even the medical professionals were not giving us hope. I could never have imagined that I would have seen such a difference in our mental health in just a few weeks. My little girl is laughing and joking around and waking up full of energy and even playing after school she has that much energy.”

Fiona Ontong
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"Sharon, your passion and wanting to help us mummas is amazing!"

"I can’t thank you enough for the information, the recipes and the help and support you have given us!"

Stacey Dyer
AFC Testimonials_Testimonials - Stacey Dyer