Recovery Stories

Discover the transformative results Sharon's course members achieve by applying the principles of gut health from her courses, classes, and membership – proof that healing happens at home with well-informed and supported parents.

These heartfelt recovery stories of resilience and healing showcase the effective impact of addressing the root cause by nurturing the gut microbiome with wholesome and healing foods.


Mouy's son recovered from severe eczema

"We have come so far with my son's eczema!

Our hearts were broken having to wrap my son like a mummy daily with sheets loaded with steroids and creams and seeing how upset he was in hospital. It used to be so stressful not knowing what to feed him. He could only eat two safe foods without his eczema breaking out. Now, his variety of food is increasing. From 2 to now over 44 ingredients and he doesn't react! Our son's  favourite recipe is her dairy and gluten free pumpkin soup from The Gut Health Course. We also love it!! 😆  Her recipes are so healthy, nutritious and delicious! Everything Sharon shared about gut health and inflammation made loads of sense. She has so much knowledge and experience!

Thank you Sharon for your support, time, knowledge and your delicious, healthy recipes. We are ever so appreciative for what you do! And are so pleased with the results. Thank you for being our hope and support through our families health journey." Mouy Chan.

Sharon xx


Lisa's daughter reversed her 17 year anaphalctic allergy to tree nuts in 3 months

"I just wanted to let you know that Livvy had a nut challenge in hospital with almonds which she was previously allergic to. She was so scared to eat the first almond but she passed with flying colours eating 8 almonds on the day. She now eats almonds daily. I know that the healing of her gut would have assisted in this result. Thank you Sharon for assisting Livvy in her journey to better health. We are so grateful to you. Lisa & Livvy. Xx" Lisa Carne-Perre

The Gut Health Course Testimonials

Bianca reversed her daughter’s eczema and now loves to cook.

Bianca reversed her daughter’s eczema and now loves to cook.


Rose’s daughter can now eat a full diet, all food intolerances are gone, reflux medicine reduced and her daughter finally sleeps!

Tash feels more empowered than ever and loves watching her family now thrive.

Lauren’s son overcame eczema, food intolerances and fussy eating and Lauren went on to have another baby without allergies or eczema.

Natalie reversed daughter’s eczema, she no longer gets sick and went on to pass her allergy challenges.


"My 10 year old has gone from having severe eczema, to now being virtually eczema free. The change to his life has been amazing. I remember when he told me he didn't need to wear his cotton gloves to bed anymore because he was no longer scratching. His skin is clear, he's happy and even looks healthier."

Angela Brennan

Her back is completely healed

"I am so grateful for your course. She now eats such a great variety of food including many fruits and veggies. Her back has now been completely healed and clear for about 2 months. We have a happy, healthy, and thriving 3 year old who is loving life. Thank you!"

Belinda Arbaci

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