I want every mum to feel empowered about their child’s health, because we really can make a difference. You just need to know how!


I’m Sharon Selby.

Founder of Deliciously Allergy Free and Allergy Health Coach


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“My son has been eczema free since I started Sharon’s diet suggesyions. It took 3 months to completely clear it and there is no sign of it coming back. So grateful!”

Bernanda Perez
Testimonials - Bernanda Perez

“I want to thank you for everything you have taught me and for your support, enthusiasm and guidance. You won’t believe what a change I’ve seen in the last few days with my kids!!! 1) My daughter’s anxiety has almost completely disappeared! You have literally saved our sanity, 2) Our littlest son’s constant runny nose and wet cough has pretty much gone! And 3) I have soooo much more energy.  I have enough energy to cook and I’m more patient with my beautiful family. God bless you! Xx”

Leyla Biondini
Testimonials - Leyla Biondini