3 Steps to Epic Gut Health

That every mum needs to know!

Learn the simple 3-step system that can rapidly transform your child’s gut health, eliminate nagging health issues, and give them the energy and vitality to thrive.

When: 6 March 12pm Sydney / 1am UK / 8pm NYC
Cost: Free


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Why Gut Health Matters!

Taking care of the 100 trillion bugs in the gut is one of the most important things we can do as parents to improve our kids' health, immunity and mental well-being.

When the good bacteria in the gut get overrun with too much bad bacteria, our kids experience a host of health issues.

In fact, many of the diseases that are so prevalent in our kids today (like eczema, hay fever, asthma, allergies, recurring infections, sinus issues, behavioural disorders, anxiety, constipation and unhealthy cravings) have all been linked to the gut microbiome and the type of bacteria in the gut.

Which means one thing…

Caring for your child’s gut may be the single most important thing you can do for their health, period.

But how?

And where should you start?

Simple: with this 60 minute masterclass hosted by Sharon Selby — educator, speaker and gut health expert, who’s helped thousands of families transform their health from the ‘inside out.’

In this powerful FREE session, Sharon will share the simplest, most effective, science backed system for transforming gut health and strengthening the gut microbiome through strategic food and lifestyle choices.

And all it takes is just 3 simple steps.


Leyla saw a huge difference in her kids within *days* of cooking these recipes

“You won't believe what a change I've seen in the last few days with my kids!!! 1) My daughter's anxiety has almost completely disappeared! You have literally saved our sanity, 2) Our littlest son's constant runny nose and wet cough has pretty much gone! And 3) I have soooo much more energy.  I have enough energy to cook and I'm more patient with my beautiful family. Thank you! Xx”

Leyla Biondini
AFC Testimonials_Testimonials - Leyla Biondini

Here’s how this 3-step system works:

The gut is a lot like a garden. (Sounds weird, but it’s true!)

To ensure your child has a flourishing gut microbiome, we have to treat their gut as though it were a garden bed.

We need to weed out the pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and parasites and prepare the soil to seed the gut with beneficial bacteria (also known as probiotics), then feed those lovely new microbes the fertiliser (nutrients) they need to grow and blossom.

This process is called Gut Gardening — and it’s way simpler than you think! (And don’t worry — you won’t actually be gardening. I can’t keep a houseplant alive to save myself! 😆)

Here’s how the 3 steps of the ‘Gut Gardening’ protocol work:

Step 1


Weed out the bad bacteria in your child's gut & create an environment where good bugs can thrive.

Step 2


Seed good bacteria into their gut by adding beneficial probiotics to their diet.

Step 3


Feed the good bugs with the food they love (& steer clear of the stuff they don't) then watch them (& your kid) thrive.


In this FREE masterclass, you’ll learn exactly how to implement these 3 ‘gut gardening’ steps to transform your whole family’s gut health.

You’ll also discover:

  • The 5 key dietary and lifestyle pillars that affect gut health — and the simplest ways to start making improvements
  • The 5 common mistakes parents make that are unknowingly damaging their kid's gut health (and how to fix these mistakes *right away*)
  • The everyday toxins that are detrimental to the microbiome and the best ways to avoid and replace them (plus: the healthier options to use instead!)
  • And finally, understand what all the gut health terminology *really* means, including ‘gut dysbiosis’, ‘leaky gut’, ‘probiotics’ and more. It really isn’t as complicated as it all sounds

When: 6 March 12pm Sydney / 1am UK / 8pm NYC
Cost: Free

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Meet your host

Sharon Selby

Channel 9's TV Health Coach Sharon Selby is on a mission to show mums that they have so much more power than they think to transform their children’s health, and it all starts in the kitchen.

Her passion for gut health started when her infant son developed multiple food allergies, eczema and reflux.

By developing a unique gut-healthy protocol, Sharon was able to heal her son’s gut, reverse his allergies, and improve the health of the entire family. This experience taught her first-hand that it’s what we do at home that has the biggest influence on our kids’ health.

Ever since, Sharon has been showing parents just how quick, simple and achievable it is to heal the gut (when everywhere else makes it sound so confusing).


"Sharon just inspires action and has made a huge impact on my journey as a mum and to our family. Listening to her talks and following her strategies and recipes has improved the health and wellbeing of my whole family."

Testimonials - Nicole Lehmann

More good news: this system works fast

You can completely transform your child’s microbiome in as little as two weeks.

Which means that in just a matter of days, you’ll start seeing epic changes in your child’s health and well being.

Truly, it’s a no-brainer to register for this free masterclass.

The only question left to ask yourself is this: What’s the cost of not coming along?

  • How much longer will you put up with feeling powerless when your kids are too tired, aren’t sleeping well, can’t concentrate, are unexplainably irritable, or aren’t performing at their best?
  • How many more days off school, daycare and work will your family miss because they’re dealing with recurring infections, colds, bugs, tummy upsets, and more?
  • How much longer will YOU accept feeling burnt out, anxious, foggy, bloated, and ‘not yourself’?

Most of us are never taught the first thing about caring for our own guts, let alone our children’s.

It’s time to get your ‘gardening gloves’ on and take back control of your family’s (gut) health!

When: 6 March 12pm Sydney / 1am UK / 8pm NYC
Cost: Free

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