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"My 10 year old has gone from having severe eczema, to now being virtually eczema free. The change to his life has been amazing. I remember when he told me he didn't need to wear his cotton gloves to bed anymore because he was no longer scratching. His skin is clear, he's happy and even looks healthier."

Angela Brennan


"My 10 year old has gone from having severe eczema, to now being virtually eczema free. The change to his life has been amazing. I remember when he told me he didn't need to wear his cotton gloves to bed anymore because he was no longer scratching. His skin is clear, he's happy and even looks healthier."

Angela Brennan

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Your poor child scratches themselves until their skin is raw and bleeding
  • Your kid has had so many prescriptions, at this point the pharmacist practically knows you both by name.
  • Your gut sinks every time you have to start them on a new round of steroid creams… but what other choice is there?!
  • You’ve tried a million lotions and creams to try to soothe their itching and repair the damaged skin, but nothing seems to work. (And sometimes you wonder if you’re actually making things worse?)
  • Sleepless nights are the norm — especially during a flare up. You’re so worried about their unconscious scratching, you wake up multiple times during the night to check on them.
  • Bath time is a minefield, and it often ends in tears (theirs and yours!). And as for normal “kid things” like swimming lessons and beach trips? Forget about it.


There’s literally nothing worse than seeing your little one in pain…

Well, except maybe for that feeling of total defeat that comes with knowing there’s nothing you can do to help them.

Except you know what?

There is!


Eczema can be healed — for good

I  know what it’s like when your kid is stuck in an awful cycle of rashes and itching. It breaks your heart seeing them in so much distress.

I also know what it’s like to have tried every lotion, potion and steroid cream under the sun, but the rashes STILL keep coming back.

But here’s what most mums don’t know — and why our health system has so much to answer for:

Almost EVERY standard treatment for eczema only addresses the symptoms, NOT the underlying causes.

Take steroid creams — they treat the inflammation on the skin. That's why as soon as you stop using them, the rash comes back.

To get PERMANENT results it’s critical to get to the root cause of the problem, which is the inflammation inside the body. Clear that up and the skin can finally get the relief it so desperately needs.

So how do we treat the inflammation inside the body?

Well, it all starts by working on your child’s gut health.

Yep, eczema is a gut health issue.

So all those amazing photos up above of Angela’s son? And all the other incredible images you’ll see when you keep reading? They all came from healing the GUT, using simple dietary and lifestyle strategies.

And there’s good news: it’s all so much simpler than you realise…

And even better, relief can happen in just a matter of DAYS…


3 Steps to Eczema Free

A program for mums of kids with eczema,
created by Sharon Selby — Australia’s Leading Allergy Health Coach


This simple 3-step program can heal eczema quickly, naturally & permanently


Here’s what you get inside the program:

Step #1


Learn how to correctly identify the triggers that are flaring up your child’s eczema, so that they can experience relief fast.

You’ll discover:

  • How to identify common eczema triggers (no more doubt, no more confusion… just the answers you’ve been craving!)
  • The not-so-common triggers (that so many people overlook) that are often the culprits behind those extra-stubborn cases
  • Everything you need to know about elimination diets (including how to make sure you’re not cutting out food groups that you don’t have to… and making life harder than it needs to be!)
  • The correct order to eliminate foods. (This is SO much more important than people realise)
  • The secret weapon that makes this entire process simple and easy. (Dieticians and nutritionists swear by this tool… but unfortunately, most mums don’t know about it!)
Step #2


Now that you know your child’s unique triggers, it’s time to start building up their immune system so that it stops attacking the skin. The best way to do this? With smart, simple food choices.

You’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistakes people make when eliminating foods (and how to avoid them)
  • Why your child’s diet matters and how making small tweaks can have a big impact
  • What kids should be eating (don’t worry — it’s all simple, fast and yummy!)
  • Smart swaps for common trigger foods like dairy and gluten. (These replacements are so good, your family won’t even know what they’re missing.)
  • Discover gut-loving breakfast, lunchbox and dinner ideas that your child will gobble up (and that are super easy to make)
Step #3


This final step is where we set your child up to live symptom-free for life — even when trigger foods are reintroduced.

You’ll discover:

  • Why this step is critical for lasting results (and why it’s so sad that most conventional programs ignore it entirely)
  • How to ensure your child isn’t stuck with long-term food restrictions. (This information can literally be life-changing for your kid.)
  • The supplements and immune skin creams to fast track skin recovery
  • Why it’s so crucial to reduce the toxic chemicals in your home (and simple steps to help you do it)
  • Lifestyle strategies that will make SUCH a difference to your kid’s recovery, so that they can get back to doing all the cool “kid stuff” they deserve to be doing!

Value $997

$97 $27 AUD

Limited time only


"Sharon thanks so much for all you do. My little boys health has transformed so much over the past couple of months. He is sleeping better, eczema on his arms is pretty much gone and off his asthma medication. Xxx”

Sheryl Lamb

“My daughter’s eczema is finally under control and we are now trialling her off her preventer. She’s had only one cold this year and no Ventolin required! For context she used to end up in hospital on oxygen very time she got a cold so this is major progress! Starting this journey with you Sharon Selby has been a game-changer for our family."

Erin Bevege-Hopkins


"I am so grateful for your course. She now eats such a great variety of food including many fruits and veggies. Her back has now been completely healed and clear for about 2 months. We have a happy, healthy, and thriving 3 year old who is loving life. Thank you!"

Belinda Arbaci


"I am so grateful for your course. She now eats such a great variety of food including many fruits and veggies. Her back has now been completely healed and clear for about 2 months. We have a happy, healthy, and thriving 3 year old who is loving life. Thank you!"

Belinda Arbaci


Which means in a matter of minutes, you can be learning the three steps to start healing your child’s eczema TODAY.

The 3 videos only take a little over an hour to watch, and you don’t have to spend a penny on expensive supplements or creams.

  • You get lifetime access to all the materials
  • You can study at your own pace
  • And everything is made as SIMPLE and DOABLE as possible


Join now and get $190 in free bonuses

Bonus 1:

Bonus Workshop with Eczema Expert & Naturopath Kohei Iguchi

Kohei Iguchi is an internationally renowned expert in treating and healing eczema using holistic nutritional and lifestyle strategies...

… and in this mini workshop, he’s revealing his most EFFECTIVE secrets for eczema relief.

Discover his genius strategies to manage painful, itchy rashes, the supplements and natural creams to fast-track results.

⬅️ Just check out the results of his approach! It’s amazing. So many mums say that this workshop alone gave them MORE than their money’s worth.

(Valued at $97)

Bonus 2:

Stop wasting money on eczema skin care that’s packed with toxic ingredients (and does more harm than good)

With my official ‘Buying Guide’ for eczema and skin creams, you’ll know exactly which products will soothe your child’s rashes, nourish their skin, and provide relief from itching — without the toxic chemicals.

  • Everything is naturopath approved (so you know you can trust these products)
  • No more guessing and expensive ‘trial and error’.
  • And discover the creams that will build up your child’s skin immunity, rather than strip it.

(Valued at $67)

Bonus 3:

Printable Food & Symptoms Diary

Struggle to keep track of your child’s symptoms? Confused by which triggers are causing which reactions?

This lack of clarity is what keeps us stuck and unable to take precise action. (It’s also what keeps our kiddies stuck in the painful cycle of rashes and itching.)

This simple, printable diary will help reveal the answers you’ve been searching for.

(Valued at $27)

That’s $190 in free bonuses, today only

Value $997

$97 $27 AUD

Limited time only

From red, raw and rashy… to thriving

Natsy’s son, aged 4, recovered from eczema in one week (and is still thriving today) just by following this simple, doable protocol — designed by a busy mum, for busy mums.


From red, raw and rashy… to thriving

Natsy’s son, aged 4, recovered from eczema in one week (and is still thriving today) just by following this simple, doable protocol — designed by a busy mum, for busy mums.


"My son has been eczema free since I started Sharon’s diet recommendations. It took 3 months to completely clear it and there is no sign of it coming back. So grateful!”

Testimonials - Bernanda Perez

“My 2 year old daughter has eczema and from changing a few things in her diet, 10 days in and I’ve seen significant changes already! I have been battling for months trying to figure out what was triggering it but now we know. Thank you Sharon!"

Stacey Begovich
AFC Testimonials V2_Testimonials - Stacie Begovich RED

Ready to get results?

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$97 $27 AUD

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Why would you listen to me about your child’s eczema?!


Hi, I’m Sharon Selby

These days, I’m Australia’s leading allergy health coach and mum of two thriving boys. But a few years back, I was a mum at her wit’s end, struggling to help my youngest child with his severe allergies and persistent eczema.

Using my nutrition knowledge as a health coach, I threw myself into developing nourishing recipes that would heal my young son’s gut and immune system and transform his health.

Fast forward a few months and his eczema had COMPLETELY cleared up, along with his allergies and other symptoms.

This experience taught me two things that I wish EVERY mum knew —

Firstly, that it’s what we do at home that has the biggest influence on our kids’ health.

And secondly: that we have so much more power than we think to transform our children’s health, and it ALL starts in the kitchen.

Thanks to our journey, we’ve now helped over 15,000 families (and counting!) to change their lives through my signature programs, workshops and classes. And I’d love to help you and your family too…

Sharon xx


How is this different to all the other “miracle” eczema cures out there?

The answer is simple: it’s NOT a miracle cure. There’s no such thing.

All those ‘miracle’ creams and pills keep you vulnerable, reliant on a product, and shelling out money for years to come. And they fail to address the root cause of anything.

This program is the exact opposite.

It’s about empowering you to look at your child’s body as a whole, give it what it needs (and get rid of the stuff that’s causing the flare ups), and rebuild their health from the inside out.

And we do all this using the simplest, most ancient, and most powerful tool available to us as mums: the food we feed our kids.

And the results speak for themselves…


Here’s one more question to consider:

What’s the cost of not taking action?

If your child continues to suffer from eczema, what’s the impact on them?
On you? And on the rest of your family?

  • How many more days off school, daycare and work will be missed due to painful flare ups?
  • How many more doctor’s appointments will you both have to sit through?
  • How many more rounds of steroid creams will you buy?
  • How many more things — outings, beach trips, pool parties — will they miss out on?
  • How many more sleepless nights will you endure, where your child scratches themselves raw while your heart is in pieces?

As the mum of a kid who once had a laundry list of health issues, I need you to know: this is not your fault.

So please, let go of any lingering ‘mum guilt’, and forgive yourself for all those times you beat yourself up and felt so helpless.

Because let’s be real: most of us are never, ever, EVER taught ANY of this stuff… So what else were you supposed to do?! You did the absolute best you could.

And now that you know there’s an actual solution, it’s your chance to grab it, draw a line in the sand, and declare for your child (and for you) that from here on out, things are going to be different.

Value $997

$97 $27 AUD

Limited time only

Here’s what parents are saying:

Your line in the sand starts here

Let’s change the game for your child, so that they can get back to the business of being a kid again… and you can get back to actually enjoying motherhood.

Get instant access to the program & bonuses now

$97 $27 AUD

(Limited time only)


When your child is suffering, it’s so easy to feel helpless

We’ve been led to believe that other than buying yet another round of steroid creams, or take more antihistamines, there’s basically nothing we can do to help.

The truth is, you have SO much more power than you think to influence your child’s health and break the eczema cycle

And this program is all about putting the power back in YOUR hands.

This is about giving you an action plan, showing you *exactly* what to look for, and giving you the tools, resources and know-how to not only soothe their suffering but to treat the condition at its source.

This means that not only can you put an end to your child’s symptoms, but you’ll be setting them up for a life free of eczema and full of robust, flourishing health.

(And as a happy side effect, it will also put an end to your crappy feelings of anxiety, helplessness and guilt, and allow you to actually enjoy being a mum again. 🙌)


"After 3 gruelling years of eczema for my little man, I can now FINALLY say we’ve kicked eczema in the butt! This protocol was the solution I’ve been searching for. I’m so grateful you were put on my path, thank you Sharon."


"Well after a stressful difficult year with my little one, his is sleeping better, his eczema has gone, his itching has minimised drastically and recently I have added new foods to his diet and he has not reacted."

Vicki Hussain


Countless mums and dads have transformed their own eczema too.

Like Aoibheann Fearon, who saw this incredible transformation after just one month of following this 3 step protocol:

Started the protocol in December 2020 → Results in January 2021 (one month later!)



If you’ve been watching your kid struggle for a long time, and you’ve already tried so hard to help them, then all of this might seem too good to be true

And I get it.

I probably would have felt the same way myself before I discovered how much power I had to transform my son’s health.

It breaks my heart that more mums don’t know this stuff, when it’s the kind of thing that can LITERALLY change your child’s life (and yours!) and when all these strategies are so freaking simple and doable.

Everything that’s inside this program made such a big difference to my son’s health and happiness that I knew I *had* to make it available to as many mums as possible.

That’s why I’ve done everything I can to keep it crazy affordable, and that’s why I’ve stacked it with as many useful, life-changing tips and strategies as possible.

Straight from this mum’s heart to yours, if your child is struggling with eczema, this is for you.

Sharon xx

There is nothing more precious than your child. And there is nothing more important than their health.


you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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  • 3 x bonuses (video, buying guide, printables)
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