Embrace 2024 with ONE powerful word

If you’re feeling a mix of emotions about diving into 2024, you’re not alone.

Whether it’s excitement, nerves, or a dash of “already over it,” this will radically change your experience for 2024. I’m convinced of it. So please read on.

Why Just One Word? Because Who Has Time for a Novel of Resolutions? 📚

Many times, in the past, I’ve found that long lists of resolutions faded away faster than my morning cuppa. But I love the idea of new beginnings and new possibilities and have always tried my best embracing that.

So, last year, instead of overwhelming myself with a laundry list of goals, I opted for simplicity: ONE word. This word became my guiding light, my North Star, my energy and intention for the next 12 months.

And the results were beyond anything I expected or experienced ever before.

I’d like to share a personal story on how I got to this ‘one’ word approach, so you can see how effective it is and try it yourself.

Last year I didn’t have the head space to come up with goals. And a new idea literally popped into my head, and I followed my intuition. It was one word.


After a very difficult 2022, I needed to unwind and experience more joy in my life, and let me tell you, having that intention as my energy was a total game-changer.

The previous year was a life-changing ‘shit storm’ (excuse my language), mainly due to my separation from my husband of 17 years and the sequence of events that followed.

Adjusting to life as a single mum, grieving the loss of lifelong family dreams, adjusting to new home arrangements, changes in finances and most importantly nurturing my boys’ little hearts. 2022 was indeed a year of major change and challenge for all of us.

By the time 2023 rolled by, I was ready for a new pace, and ‘JOY’ was my guiding light.

So, I made a conscious effort daily to infuse joy into every aspect of my life. I enrolled into dance classes and meditation retreats, tried out rollerblading (and became intimately acquainted with the footpath). I joined a beach volleyball beginners course much to my kids’ embarrassment! And even though I was highly skilled at being so bad at all of them, the joy I felt was undeniable.

I met so many incredible people, discovered new things about myself, and felt so much more confident by getting out of my comfort zone and not listening to my excuses.

My kids got to witness a more joyful mum during a difficult time. And they felt more joyful too. It was inspiring.

The energy of your one word permeates in all areas of your life (even the simple and seemingly mundane) and touches every soul you encounter if you embody it.

I made a deal with myself that I would leave everyone feeling more joyful after spending time with me. I attracted so much more without wanting more (if that makes sense).

This joyful energy I created was magnetic. It translated into my friendships with closer bonds and incredible new connections.

This ONE word also had the biggest impact on my business as well, which I wasn’t expecting. Creating a ripple effect that opened doors to opportunities beyond my dreams.

The Transformative Impact of ONE Word

Because of my joyful energy, I became more confident and took more chances. And opportunities started coming to me.

I landed my first TV gig on national TV. And I’m now a regular guest on The Today Show. I was appointed MC at a recent prestigious event in the heart of Sydney and had the privilege of speaking at schools to students and teachers.

From last years’ experience, of course I was going to pick a word for 2024. A new one that embodies the new me and the personal growth I want to achieve.

This year I was led to…


This year’s word also came to me very quickly. You feel it when you get the right word. Because the soul knows.

On the back of joy, I’m now ready to receive more. More from myself. My approach to abundance is not about acquiring more things on the outside (not that I’m opposed to it) but cultivating more of an abundant mindset.

I want to feel abundant…in my time, my energy, my thoughts, and what I can achieve personally and professionally. I can play bigger, I can take more risks and I am deserving of receiving.

Its uncomfortable for me to write this let alone share this publicly. And that’s why this word is so good for me and where I am in life.


Now that I’ve shared my story with my ONE word, I invite you to choose ONE word that will be your mantra, your energy, and your intention for 2024.

Don’t overthink it. Chances are it’s already popped into your head.

Let it be a word that resonates with your desires and aspirations. An energy that you’ve missed for a while or even goes against your nature.

Words I played with were: focused, determined, adventure, curiosity, fun, patient, love, health, passion, strength, courage…

If you’re curious about how this one-word intention can transform your year, check out my Instagram reel here where I delve deeper into the magic of choosing your ONE word.

Once you’ve watched, please share your word with me. Simply reply to the email and let me know what it is or let me know in the comments in Instagram.

I’m so excited to hear what word resonates with you for 2024.


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