Dairy Swaps – Cheat Sheet

Going dairy-free can be a wonderful way to improve your health but just the thought of going without is nothing short of terrifying! Especially when kids are involved. My recommendation is to transition slowly (if there’s no allergies) so its not overwhelming. Start with snacks and then tackle each meal separately until you’re comfortable, then go on to the next meal. For example start with breakfast for a week or two and get a bank of easy recipes that suit your lifestyle and then move on to the next meal once you’re feeling confident. For ideas and inspiration check out my recipes here.

  • Instead of milk >> Try almond milk (or any other nut milk), coconut milk or rice milk from the supermarket. My favourite is almond milk, its rich in flavour and tastes great in cereals, puddings and even in my cuppa. It’s high in vitamin D and other important nutrients for that calcium replacement. You could also make your own, it literally takes 5 minutes

and tastes delicious. Here’s the recipe.

  • Instead of cheese >> Whack on the avocado. When you are craving something creamy ditch the cheese and pile on the avo, with salt and pepper and a drizzle of EVOO. 

I love avocados and will go through about 5 a week myself. Amazingly good for you, your skin, hair and nails thanks to the wonderful fats that keep you full for longer. Here is my favourite bread I make at home where a thick spread of avocado works wonders. Enjoy with a salad and boiled eggs and this will soon become one of your favourite lunches.

  • Instead of butter >> Use coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, peanut butter/nut butters and tahini.  Use coconut oil for sautéing, frying and roasting as well as olive oil on low heat. Ghee is great for scrambled eggs and sautéing onions and garlic in savory meals. Desserts can be made with coconut oil, tahini or peanut butter in most recipes. Here are some tasty snacks you might like: Nut free muesli bars, chocolate brownies and marvelous macaroons.  See who needs butter to bake!
  • Instead of cream >> use coconut cream. It’s lighter and fresher and perfect to pour over desserts. I whip up coconut cream and use that instead of thickening cream when I make Pavlova. I also like coconut milk to make custards as well. Try this delicious Coconut caramel custard from Quirky Cooking, when you fancy a smooth creamy treat after dinner.
  • Instead of cheese dips >> there’s hummus of course, but they’re also so many other options using white beans and olive oil as basis as well as pesto’s. Try these recipes for an alternative twist that will get any party started.
  • Instead of ice cream and yoghurt – blend in frozen fruit with bananas.
    Try this gorgeous nourishing berry mouse, that will love you back. Smooth and deliciously creamy.
  • Instead of Parmesan shavings >> check out nutritional yeast. This is my only fancy product on here. I use it on top of spag bol, risotto, casseroles and popcorn and it does the trick. It’s also high in B vitamins so a great nutritional boost to boot! Haven’t heard of it…check out the details here and find it at your local health food store.

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