I believe…

That our kids deserve to thrive.

That cooking yummy, healthy food should NOT be crazy stressful or time consuming. That having food allergies isn’t a prison sentence. That motherhood is meant to be enjoyable and fulfilling. And that a healthy, happy family starts in the kitchen.

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When your child’s in pain, scratching their skin all night long and refusing to eat, it can be really hard to believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

Or that meal times, birthdays, and family outings can ever be anything but a minefield.

But let me tell you mama, things don’t need to continue this way forever…

If you’re sick and tired of seeing your little one in distress, and want to learn simple, affordable, EFFECTIVE ways to improve their health, overcome their sensitivities, and get them thriving, you’ve come to the right place.

Everything I’ve created in this space is designed to empower you with knowledge and confidence.


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The Gut Health Course

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Wherever you are on your journey, it’s time to stop feeling powerless about your child’s health, and start getting to the root cause of what’s

keeping them from


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Let me tell you...

I’ve been where you are now and I promise it gets easier, but you need to know HOW. 10 minutes in a doctors office every month isn’t going to cut it. What you do at home is going to make ALL the difference.

My son Coop’s was only a few weeks old when he started displaying the typical telltale symptoms of being an ‘allergy baby’ – hello reflux, eczema, crazy nappies, separation anxiety, poor sleep and of course vomiting and hives on most foods.

Coop’s ended up being on a list of ‘safe foods’ he was that extreme - he couldn’t have dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, and most fruit and vegetables, due to a food sensitivity to salicylates.  If he ate any of these foods he would vomit profusely and develop full body hives.  It was frightening.

Finding decent recipes for ‘allergy’ kids was a constant battle, many recipes wouldn’t trigger a reaction, but they weren’t exactly healthy.

So I spent most of my time in the kitchen, using my nutrition knowledge as a health coach developing nourishing meals that would heal and strengthen my young son’s gut and immune system. 

Over the next few months, the hard work was paying off. Coop’s was growing from strength to strength.  The rashes started to disappear, the nappies became normal, the tummy pains stopped, the crazy constant spit up reduced and he slept…finally.

By using what I like to call my “Identify, Eliminate, Heal” method inside my programme ‘The Gut Health Course’, my clingy, colicky baby transformed into a cheery, cheeky, energetic little boy who is HAPPY and THRIVING.

By the time he was 18 months old he no longer struggled with reflux, his eczema subsided and he stopped reacting to FOOD! He can now eat dairy, eggs and any fruit and vegetables without a single reaction.  

The time I put into my kids health still pays off.  Coop’s now 5 years old and has never had a sick day off from daycare and pre-school. His immune system is so strong and while he was projected to have asthma and hayfever later in life, these conditions have not developed….and I don’t think they will.

The change in him has been so profound, I knew I had to get this knowledge into as many hands (and tummies!) as possible – for the sake of our little ones, our families, and our sanity!  As mums we can change the course of our children’s wellbeing.

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What will you find?

Thought-provoking ideas, timeless wisdom, some silly antics and an unwavering devotion to help you live a life of fulfilment and joy with your family… after all, isn’t that why we became parents in the first place?

The Gut Health Course

Join over 1,500 parents who’ve found the answers, support and guidance to achieve incredible results they couldn’t find anywhere else. My signature online program takes you step-by-step on raising your child to become symptom and allergy free with my proven ‘identify, eliminate and heal’ method.

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Sharon xx

"I am so grateful for this course! Before we started I knew my son was allergic to a lot of foods. Dairy, eggs and nuts. But nothing else. I found it really hard to get any information or questions answered, he was also reacting to a lot of fruits and vegetables. I was so confused and lost. Since starting this course - I know so much more and I can start helping him!  Sharon, your passion and wanting to help us mummas is amazing! I can’t thank you enough for the information, the recipes and the help and support you have given us!"

Stacey Dyer
Testimonials - Stacey Dyer

"I joined your program because several months ago my 8 year old suddenly broke out in hives. I watched your Facebook live in the community group and then signed up to the 5 day challenge and I was surprised to learn that my severe anxiety could have been a gut issue and my sons hives also a gut issue. When you opened up your program, I knew its what we needed to help our gut healing journey. Love the content and expert interviews, and not having to come up with safe recipes because they all come with the course, making it so easy. Thanks so much."

Aimee Lynn
Testimonials - Aimee Lynn

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