3-step morning routine & 5-day smoothie mini challenge

Start your day with a brand-new morning routine that’s guaranteed to give you more energy, vitality, mental clarity, and even joy.

Commit to 5 consecutive days to feel a change. Then I encourage you to keep going. Just like I did when I began years ago and now find myself without any health issues, zero medication and abundant energy.

Here’s what I do. Every morning I wake up and enjoy a large glass of fresh lemon water followed by a simple fruit and vegetable smoothie.

Tea and or coffee, can come afterwards but not before these two drinks. If you need to eat more, wait 30 minutes after your smoothie, but I find this breakfast lasts me until lunchtime.

I have a large smoothie (the equivalent of two glasses). Once in a while, if I’ve been under a lot of pressure or I’m feeling a little run down, I will throw in step 2 (celery juice). But this step is not needed when you are starting out. But I’ve shared the how to guide in case you wish to incorporate celery juice now or later on.

Here’s my 3-step morning routine

  • Choose 1, 2 or all 3 steps. Whatever works best for you to get started or progress to the next level:
  • Step 1: Lemon water
  • Step 2: Celery juice (optional)
  • Step 3: Breakfast smoothie (of your choice)

I recommend choosing to commit to at least Step 3 (the smoothie breakfast challenge for 5 days) and if you are up to it: Step 1 first which is a large glass of lemon water.

Check out these short reels on Instagram for the full details:

Step 1:
Lemon Water
Step 2 (optional):
Celery Juice
Step 3:
Breakfast Smoothie


Step 1: Lemon Water 🍋💫

Mornings set the tone for our day, and after a night’s rest, our bodies crave hydration. Enter the morning superhero: freshly squeezed lemon water. Lemon water wakes up the cells in our body with a hydrating, alkalising boost and a mini detox for our system.

It’s excellent for anti-aging, weight-loss, and improving digestion and the immune system.

  • Mix half a juice of freshly squeezed lemon with at least 16 oz / 47 ml / 2 cups of water.
  • Enjoy it at your preferred temperature – cold, warm, or hot.
Step 2: Celery Juice (optional) 🌿

“Celery Juice is the most powerful medicine of our time. Healing millions worldwide.” Anthony Williams (aka The Medical Medium). People aren’t just drinking it, they’re swearing by it!

The celery juice movement is the first organic movement of our time (i.e., nobody has paid or invested in it). Millions from all walks of life, across the globe claim it’s healed their health issues (when nothing else could). My ex-husband was one of them!

For the 5-day challenge, this step is optional.

Step 3: Breakfast Smoothie 🍓

Here’s where the fun begins! Choose a delightful smoothie recipe from the Blog (see links below) or your personal favourites. Commit to the same recipe for 5 days or mix and match with different options – simplicity is key. I’d recommend avoiding dairy, gluten, nuts and any protein powders.

You just want real fruit and vegetables as that is what gives you heaps of energy, boosts gut and immune health and revives mental health. In all my smoothies I just add water so there is not a single preservative or additive in site. Just clean, natural ingredients that will cleanse every cell in the body. Your body is craving this!

Keep this simple so the next 5 days are quick and easy. You can even make all 5 smoothies in one go and use glass jars to store them in the freezer. Breakfast has literally never been more nutritious or convenient!

Explore my go-to recipes:

Your chance to win! 🏆

Capture your smoothie moments and share your creations. Post pics of all 5 smoothies on Instagram and hashtag #DAFsmoothiechallenge to win a free copy of my 24-page Smoothie Recipe Book. Make sure to tag me each time at @deliciouslyallergyfree and once I see all 5 pics I’ll email you a copy of my delicious smoothie book with all the juicy recipes. This book has all the recipes to cleanse and detoxify the liver, relieve constipation and boost immunity. You’ll also access my superfood sneaks and superfood powders to massively boost nutrients. Remember to tag me at @deliciouslyallergyfree to receive your copy.

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