Eating “allergy free” isn’t the same as

Eating healthy.


I’ll teach you how to use food to nourish the body and “break free” from the allergy cycle.


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Whether you or your child are dairy free, gluten free, whatever free, I can show you how to feed your family delicious, nutritious food and build a healthier, happier life.

So if you struggle to find healthy foods your kids actually like...

If you’ve spent hours searching for dairy free / egg free / whatever free recipes (only to end up frazzled and fustrated!)...

And you’d really like to take the stress out of feeding your family so you can start actually enjoying motherhood...


... you’ve come to the right place!


I’m Sharon Selby.

I’m Australia’s leading allergy health coach, and I love empowering mums like you that want to help their kids thrive. My passion came from healing my own son’s multiple food allergies, eczema and reflux by the time he was 18 months old. Good health begins in the kitchen and with a nutritious diet your family will thrive and even become symptom free. I can’t wait to show you how.

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Praise and Testimonials

Testimonials - Lisa Carna-Perre

“Livvy had a nut challenge in hospital on Tuesday with almonds which she was previously allergic to. She was so scared to eat the first almond but she passed with flying colours eating 8 almonds on the day. She now eats almonds daily. I know that healing her gut would have assisted in this result. Thank you Sharon, we are very grateful to you.”

Lisa Carna-Perre

Testimonials - Lauren Hammacher

“My gorgeous son now enjoys oranges, which he LOVES!! He eats lots of avocado too and coconut yoghurt. All very high in salicylates which prior to Sharon, he couldn't tolerate (resulted in aggressive eczema all over his body and hives) and he wouldn't eat or try them anyway. I'm so pleased and my problem now is hiding the oranges!! Thanks Sharon Selby.”

Lauren Hammacher

Testimonials - Bernanda Perez

"My son has been eczema free since I started Sharon’s diet recommendations. It took 3 months to completely clear it and there is no sign of it coming back. So grateful!”


AFC Testimonials V2_Testimonials - Stacie Begovich RED

“My 2 year old daughter has eczema and from changing a few things in her diet, 10 days in and I’ve seen significant changes already! I have been battling for months trying to figure out what was triggering it but now we know. Thank you Sharon!"



"After 3 gruelling years of eczema for my little man, I can now FINALLY say we’ve kicked eczema in the butt! This protocol was the solution I’ve been searching for. I’m so grateful you were put on my path, thank you Sharon."



AFC Testimonials_Testimonials - Leyla Biondini

“You won't believe what a change I've seen in the last few days with my kids!!! 1) My daughter's anxiety has almost completely disappeared! You have literally saved our sanity, 2) Our littlest son's constant runny nose and wet cough has pretty much gone! And 3) I have enough energy to cook and I'm more patient with my beautiful family. Thank you! Xx”


Testimonials - Nattalie Slatterly

“To sum up this course in two words, they would be “life changing”. Absolutely life changing!”


AFC Testimonials V2_Testimonials - Fiona Ontong PINK

“You have given us a new lease on life Sharon. Your encouragement has meant a lot and helped many of us including me get through some tough times when even the medical professionals were not giving us hope. My little girl is laughing and joking around and waking up full of energy and even playing after school.”




Discover how Sharon’s patient Lisa reversed her daughters life long anaphylaxis allergy to nuts in 3 months using Sharon’s protocol.

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